The Different Kinds of Online Gaming

The online gaming landscape has changed significantly over the past few years. Faster streaming, new consoles, improved mobile technology and in-game purchases have opened up a new world of online gaming, drawing in legions of new players.

Three types of game are particularly addictive, according to “Games with no stopping point” include open world games, strategy games, and card collection and battle games like Pokemon. “One more run” games feature short levels which players can run through repeatedly to improve their score, like Angry Birds. “Competitive online games” include shooters and sports tournament games like the FIFA series.

Online games can be divided into two broad categories: serious or casual. Role-Playing Games (RPGs) usually involve developing your character’s skills, often with detailed storylines and an “open world” design. Massively Multi-Player Online RPGs (MMORPGs) attract serious gamers, because they allow players to battle and quest with each other. A single gaming session can last for hours, and months or years may be spent advancing the gamer’s character. Some shooters and strategy games require a similar level of dedication. In contrast, casual games like Angry Birds are often played via a browser or social media site, and can be gratifying when played for only a few minutes at a time.

Gaming consoles like Xbox and Playstation offer hundreds of games that can be played online, and many of these are available for PC. There’s also an enormous range of games built for mobile devices. Although truly open world games are a challenge for mobile game developers, card battle games and strategy games seem to be everywhere, and many free games combine elements of both.