Starting Your Own Gaming Company

Gaming is one of the most lucrative areas to explore for any business-minded person with or without experience in the field. With the presence of digital distribution today, games have a huge audience that is glued to PC’s, consoles, phones and tablets.

The world is also getting to an era of diverse emotional and artistic expression. It means it will no longer be about dumb play but a creative medium that is bursting with exciting, yet challenging ideas. If you are a fledgeling developer, how should you get into the industry?


If you are iOS-inclined, the first and perhaps most important step is to start programming to ensure you are well versed with the logic, principles and techniques. You must learn how to program to stay on a competitive edge.

It is not hard to grasp the basics. C++ is an excellent language to start leaning for game development. Anyone interested in being super cool with gaming can try Torque Game Engine. It is a significant knowledge base and is also an open source.

Understand the Tools

Anyone interested can begin drawing pictures of their past or write a story. There are many tools available for this, including Unity, GameMaker and Cocos, which are great for starters. RPG maker tool enables you to take the creative route.

If you want to be a coder, GameMaker is the perfect choice since it helps in learning game logic. Unity is supported with plenty of tutorials and forums and can be coded in JavaScript and C#. For a starter, you might want to start with C# to get the game logic before moving to the more complicated C/C++.

Find Interested Parties

Identify other business minded people who are interested in gaming and create a game together. Rarely will an entire game be designed by just one person. You can find people with the same interest at game jams, social media, local meet-ups and online communities.

From a simple visual language to a simpler text language, there are many ways to get started. You only need to understand the logic and programming languages to set up your own gaming company.