Marketing in Video Games

When many of us think of marketing campaigns, common strategies come to mind such as billboards, newspaper advertisement or billboards. However, many video games are now becoming rather subtly involved in this lucrative field. What are some of the methods that marketers will use and why can these be so very effective? Let’s take a look at these questions.

Hidden Strategies

Many mainstream games will contain scenes and brand names that we are all very familiar with. Such reasoning is not only to make the game play more realistic. On the contrary, companies have actually paid a good amount of money to have their products featured (much as they do within a movie). The hope is that a further sense of brand recognition will make the gamer more likely to buy their products in the future.


Another interesting innovation is that music now features prominently within many video games (the Grand Theft Auto franchise is a perfect example of this ongoing trend). In the very same way, this is an excellent way for a band to enjoy a greater sense of popularity; specifically with the younger generation. It has already been seen that bands which are featured prominently within a popular game will tend to enjoy higher gross sales.

Beginning and end Credits

This is where the more traditional form of marketing can be seen. The game developer and other associated parties are usually mentioned prominently. However, online games will often add in a hyperlink which will take the player to another advertising or gaming portal (such as to download the full version). These links are extremely useful and will generate a good deal of inbound traffic.

These are some of the many ways in which marketing is used within the gaming industry. As this medium becomes even more popular, it is nearly certain that these and other strategies will continue to be used into the foreseeable future.