How start your own gaming company

It is unfortunately common to see a headline in gaming magazines telling of a gaming company having crushing financial trouble, sometimes leading to a massively popular studio having to shut down. The games industry, despite its worth and size, can be extremely volatile.

Companies of all shapes and records can fall victim to these financial downfalls, from THQ’s unexpected bankruptcy to the Yogsventure fiasco, the market can be turned on its head with little or no warning, and destroy dreams in a matter of hours. Well if you’re still reading, and you know that you really, really want to start your own games development company, here are a few tips to get you on the right path.

Just like painting, playing music or writing, game development is an art form, and anyone at any age can participate in it in some way. Starting out as a hobbyist is the best way to discover if you have the passion and aptitude for starting your own gaming company. Javascript is one of the easiest programming languages to learn, and is used professionally today in many mobile games. If you’re not having fun at this stage, you may need to reconsider your career choice.

If you get into script programming, the next thing to consider is your education and resume building. If you’re mainly a programmer, and feel pretty confident with Javascript, it’s time to move onto C + +. Alternatively, if you’re focussing more on the artistic side of the industry, you should get familiar with a program like Blender or DAZ. Build your expertise in your chosen area and create a presentable portfolio. This will come in more handy than you know when you come to apply for video game industry jobs.

A certain level of self-help may also be necessary. If you’ve already done well enough in the first couple of points, and knew from an early age that you wanted to work in the video game industry, then you probably already have some kind of in as your full time job. If you are a late bloomer, however, and already have a job, along with a family and a whole host of other obligations, then you may need to find the self-discipline to work on your video game passion in your spare time. If you’re absolutely desperate to make money from your hobby, you might be able to sell a design for an online slot machine here and there. Check out this page for Lawfirm Malta to read more about the virtual gambling industry here