Great Ice Hockey Video Games To Play

Ice hockey is one of the most popular sports in the entire world. The sport has millions of avid, passionate fans and consumers who are constantly looking for a way to get their hockey fix. Apart from watching matches, purchasing merchandise and following players on social media, arguably the biggest outlet for ice hockey lovers are video games that revolve around the sport. Here are two from very different sides of the spectrum.

EA Sports NHL Franchise

A staple in the hockey video game community since its inception in 1991, the NHL games are incredibly popular and provide a multitude of game modes for users to enjoy such as Be A Pro, Be A GM, Hockey Ultimate Team and EA Sports Hockey League. All aspects of hockey whether it is behind the bench, the manager’s office or the ice rink itself are covered. It can be played solo in single player (Play now, Be a gm, Be a pro, season mode), or with other players in the multiplayer modes (Hockey Ultimate Team, EA Sports Hockey League and Online Versus). However, the game will cost money. Ever since NHL 15, the following versions have been available exclusively on the PS4 and Xbox One consoles.


This free ice hockey managing simulator for PC is a sparkling gem – especially for those who have ever dreamt of being in total control of a professional sports team. The game is available on desktop browsers as well as mobile devices, making it not only convenient, but versatile. Everything from drafting players to training to budget management feels authentic and detailed. Additionally, it is also multiplayer and can be played online with other people. For sports and video game enthusiasts looking for a unique hockey experience that can be consumed without spending any money, ManagerZone is definitely worth giving strong consideration towards. Start your career as a hockey team manager today!