Check Out All the Different Slots

Like their land-based counterparts, online casinos offer a huge variety of slots to their customers. Slots have long been a favourite of casino goers and in recent years this has not changed. In fact, with the continual growth in popularity it has become increasingly important for casinos to provide a wide range of options so as to appeal to a wide range of players.

As with land casinos, online offers the traditional three reel slot. These were the first slots available in the gambling world and thus are still referred to as classic slots. As more and more players now play slots, the style and play type has had to change. Nowadays the most popular slot is the five reel slot. These can have varying numbers of rows as well as having a very wide variety of paylines. The most commonly seen form is five reels, three rows and around 20 paylines. However there are some slots out there that can have infinitely more and have payline numbers at around 240. This means that there are many more options for players to make winning combinations, and so it’s hardly surprising that this type of slot has such a large following.

Next there are the progressive slots. These have come about in recent years and again have enjoyed a high level of popularity. All slots have jackpots but progressive slots have jackpots that, until won, get progressively larger. A number of players have enjoyed huge wins off this type of slot, and a particular favourite is Microgamming’s Mega Moolah, which has offered some very lucrative payouts to lucky players.

Lastly, adding to their consistent attempts to draw and retain players, providers are now coming out with 3D slots. The high level of graphics and game play offered is bringing in players in numbers greater than ever.